Sanskrit Immersion Class

Goals and objectives:

Friday evening: 7:00 Pm – 9:00 Pm

Opening invocations and introductions
Sanskrit alphabet pronunciation and chanting
Instruction on diacritical marks for English letters
Beginning writing of the Sanskrit, ie. Devanāgarī letters
Introduction to chanting, simple verse

Saturday morning: 9:00 Am – 12:30

Invocations. Review and further instruction on alphabet pronunciation
Alphabet writing instruction, initial vowels and consonants
Sanskrit verse- chanting and translation

Lunch break:  12:30- 1:30

Saturday Afternoon: 1:30- 6:00

Invocations and chanting review of prior verses
Continued writing instruction. Combining consonants and vowels

Writing simple words with examples of better known words, yoga etc.
Alphabet chanting and practice
Pronunciation of some common āsana names
Writing compound consonants.  Examples of known words with compound consonants, eg. Śaktiḥ
1-2 Sanskrit verses- chanting and translation

Closing meditation


Invocations, alphabet chanting, practice chanting of verses
Brief simple overview of Sanskrit literature and oral tradition, different types of literature.
Introduction to concept of sandhiḥ or combining of letters in Sanskrit
Alphabet writing review and continuation of writing compound consonants
Word writing and chanting practice

1-2 additional verses.

Closing meditation